Enhance your music experience - Part 3 : Flashable Mods (Rooted Androids)

Now that you guys know about the different audio formats available, the different music players available and have made your choice on which ones you like your best, the final and most rewarding thing to do is flashing some audio mods to your Android. This creates the best music experience possible ever on your device, sound quality now only limited by your earphones/headphones.
And hence this part, the last of this series of "Enhance your music experience" deals with flashable audio mods, and how you can flash them.
Do note that this post is for experienced Android users only.

Dolby Atmos' Intelligent equalizer on my Redmi Note 4

About flashable mods

Flashable mods are zip files that you flash using a custom recovery that you have already installed. They modify your phone's system files and provide system-wide audio enhancing.
So the benefit is that you will have unmatched sound quality not just while listening to music on any music player, but also while watching videos on YouTube, while playing games, while on calls, etc.

Warning: Although there's an extremely low chance, we are not responsible for your phone getting bricked, loss of data, frozen SD cards, blown up batteries or World War III. You are choosing to do these modifications yourself and if you point a finger at me if something goes wrong, I will just laugh at you. (And maybe help you find a solution if you're a nice person).


  • Root access
  • Custom recovery installed (CWM, TWRP, etc)
  • Experience with flashing through recovery
  • A Brain


//This tutorial is based on TWRP recovery as it is the most popular recovery nowadays. A similar procedure is to be followed for other recoveries which is pretty simple to figure out.
  1. Download the audio mod you like best (see list below for a comparison) and place it in your SD Card/ Internal Storage.
  2. Switch off your phone, and boot into recovery. (Note: This is accomplished on most phones by pressing the power key and the volume up key together. You may check your device's procedure by a bit of Googling)
  3. Go to Install and choose the .zip file you downloaded.
  4. Swipe right to confirm flash.
  5. Reboot your phone and congratulations! You now have an audio mod flashed and ready to rock!
Yep, it's that simple.

A few awesome audio mods

1. Dolby Atmos 

A 20-band intelligent equalizer that adjusts audio real time based on the song you're listening to.
Preset modes for watching a movie, listening to music, playing games or talking on calls.
Open, rich, focused and manual audio options for more control over the intelligent equalizer.
Other options like Surround Virtualizer, Dialogue Enhancer, and Volume Leveler.

Dolby Atmos succeeds in giving the best sound quality with the least setup to be done by the user.
I personally use, and recommend Dolby Atmos, especially for people who do not need extensive control over their audio.

Download Dolby Atmos Here. (Android 4.3+ required)

2. Beats Audio

The sound enhancer made by the popular Beats by Dr. Dre is here directly ported from the HTC M7. Beats Audio is for those who desire HTC's sound quality on their own device. The inclusion of Bass control, Treble control, Speaker enhancements, and even Bluetooth enhancements make it a good choice for those who use Bluetooth headsets. With the latest SRS Libraries and a really small zip, it's a good choice for those short on their storage space looking to improve their audio experience.

Download Beats Audio here (Android 4.4+ required)


So this is the end of the 3 post series of enhancing your music experience. We hope you enjoyed and we were successful in opening a new dimension of your music to you. Please comment for any queries or contact us on our Facebook page.

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Mansehej Singh is a 17 year old from New Delhi, India. He is interested in Technology, Android Development, Aviation and Photography. He is the founder of Techemania and started the site on the 13th of September, 2012.


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