Enhance your music experience - Part 2 : Music Players (Android)

So now that you guys know about the different audio formats available, and have made your decision on which one to use, the next step is going to be trying out the different music players available, and which one to use.
And hence the next part of this series of "Enhance your music experience" deals with the best music players to make listening to music more fun.
Do note that this post is for Android users only.

Criteria for Ranking

Open the play store, search for music players and you will be greeted by hundreds, if not thousands of different ones to choose from. Some are known for their stability, some for their sound quality, and some for their looks.
Out of all these, I have chosen some purely on the basis of their sound quality, and ranked them according to which is the best.
Please keep in mind that this list is made on my personal experience, and being a musician myself, I have tried to check the overall sound quality by testing the sound players and several factors such as equalizer presets, bass boost, virtualization, etc.

The ranking

#5 : Audio Beats

A clean and modern interface, ease of use, and an above average equalizer makes the Audio Beats Music Player earn the 5th place on this list.
It features a sleep timer, Party shuffle, Play by genre and much more.  Added to that, it's completely ad free, and free to use. It supports FLAC files as well, so you can play your high quality music on this player.
Recommended for people who prioritize the aesthetic feel of the music player over the sound quality.

Download Audio Beats Here. (Price : Free ; In App Purchases available)

#4 : Pi Music Player

An interface that looks good, and moderately easy to use coupled with an equalizer that has good sounding reverb effects earns the Pi Music Player the 4th place on this list.
Other features include it's availability in 25 different languages, Ringtone cutter, Sleep timer and more. It is ad free for a fixed number of app openings, and you have the option of an in-app purchase to remove ads. This one also supports FLAC files, so don't worry about your high quality music not being supported.
Recommended for people who want ease of use as well as a good equalizer.

Download Pi Music Player Here. (Price : Free ; Ads ; In-App Purchases available)

#3 : Dub Music Player + Equalizer

A good looking player with an above average equalizer, a powerful bass boost and virtualizer, Dub Music Player earns the 3rd spot on this list. It looks really cool, and listening to music with it's equalizer on is sweet for the bass lovers. It has multiple themes, and 9 different equalizer presets. Again, FLAC supported, so for the bass lovers, this can get you great bass with quality sound.
Recommended for base lovers.

#2 : 3D Surround Music Player

The player filled with the most powerful sound effects rightly earns the 2nd spot on this list. With amazing features like a virtual 3D effect, Bass boost, treble boost and most amazingly a 7.1 Surround system emulator, this music player can give you the best sound effects around. A 10 band equalizer can give you the manual power of your choice. An awareness feature that activates your microphone so that you can wear your noise cancelling headphones on the go without the risk of getting in an accident. FLAC files supported too.
This player could have earned the first spot on the list if not for one simple fact. It isn't free. You have a few days to try it out, after which you have to pay for it. A must use otherwise. 
Recommended for basically everyone who wants to exceptionally improve their sound quality.

Download 3D Surround Music Player Here. (Trial, In-App Purchases)

#1 : Equalizer music player booster

The all round winner! Equalizer music player booster is the app that has it all!
Great aesthetics, a powerful bass boost, a 6 band equalizer with great sounding prefixes, FLAC file support, it has it all! Free to use, though contains ads, it is the perfect mixture of ease of use, looks, and one of the best sound qualities ever. It's bass boost is powerful enough to calm the nerves of all you bass enthusiasts there, and sound quality is excellent. My personal recommendation goes with this one.
Recommended for basically everyone.

Download Equalizer music player booster Here. (Free, Ads, In-App Purchases)

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