Get online products delivered to small towns by COD

Most online retailers do not provide cash on delivery to small towns and only deliver on Online Payment (At least in India, I do not know about other countries). So here is the solution...

So what to do?

Fill the form as given below:
  1. Name - Enter Real Name
  2. Email - Enter Real E-Mail
  3. State - Enter Real State
  4. City - Enter the nearest city to your town that is quite developed (For example, for ordering in Bhiwadi, enter city as Alwar in India)
  5. Street Address - Enter your address, along with the town and respective district
  6. Phone Number - Enter Real Phone Number
  7. Payment Option - Cash On Delivery


That's it.... Just wait, and the product will be delivered to you with COD. 
But, it may not work twice with the same retailer, and also may not work with some people.
But what's the harm in trying?
So just do it!!

Mansehej Singh is a 14 year old from New Delhi, India. He is interested in the latest tech., etc. and has knowledge about android hacking, application development, etc. He also likes photography, writing poems, stories, etc.

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