Hack your brain with Technology

Yes, you heard it right. Hack your brain with Technology!! There is something known as brainwave entertainment,  that can be induced through binaural beats. Binaural beats are actually sine waves, coming from both the left and right speaker / headphone with a frequency different from 10 - 40 Hz. Now, read ahead for how to hack your brain with it!


  1. Android (This is the Android Guide. I'll post guides for other devices soon)
  2. Stereo Headphones


  1. Download the Relex Meditation app from the Play Store
  2. The App is free for a limited time with App Of The Day Promo!
  3. To activate full version, open the app and go to setting, and promo code
  4. Then try appoftheday 
  5. If that doesnt work, appgratis should.
  6. Now, put on your headphones and connect them to the phone.
  7. Open the app and swipe left
  8. Now you can choose any of the 6 options, namely - Dreamless sleep (For a peacefull sleep) ; Dreams (For a highly active REM sleep) ; Deep meditation (For a meditation - nocturnal trance) ; Pre-Sleep (For relaxing your mind before sleep) ; Relaxation (After a heavy day at work) and Concentration (For problem solving and maths).
  9. For first time users, I would recommend not using the Dreamless sleep, Dreams, Deep Meditation and Pre Sleep effect at night before or while sleeping if you have to wake up early the next day. First time users in any of these modes (like what happened to me) will find it difficult to wake up even with Alarms buzzing in your ear, people trying to shake you up, etc. I woke up with great difficulty on my first try, went to school late, and slumbered in Maths class.
  10. For first time users, try the Relaxation mode at night before you sleep, and after 2-3 days of the mode, go to Pre Sleep, Then Deep Meditation, Then Dreams, and at last dreamless sleep
  11. You may that all this is superstition, but trust me. Binaural beats are scientifically proved, and all that superstition will fly away once you try this. It's fun, relaxing and spiritual. 

Mansehej Singh is a 14 year old from New Delhi, India. He is interested in the latest tech., etc. and has knowledge about android hacking, application development, etc. He also likes photography, writing poems, stories, etc.


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