Free E-Book Download - A Beginner's Practical Guide To Radio Frequency Hacking by Mansehej Singh

Hello everybody. Today I present to you a long lost treasure from my computer - A Beginner's Practical Guide To Radio Frequency Hacking. I had written this guide when I was in Class 8. That is 2 years ago. This short booklet explains how you can hack any transistor radio to tune in frequencies like the Air Traffic Controller's transmissions to airplanes, Cordless phones, the... well.... the Police (Shhhh! I didn't tell you that, if someone asks.), etc.

Disclaimer : This guide is for educational purposes only and you must not use it for any illegal or illegitimate purposes. Also, tuning into police frequencies is illegal. I am also not responsible for any damage caused by you or any illegal work done by you.

Please follow the instructions on how to use the book. They are for your own benefit.
The Guide is in a PDF Format. You can download it here

Mansehej Singh

Mansehej Singh is a 14 year old from New Delhi, India. He is interested in the latest tech., etc. and has knowledge about android hacking, application development, etc. He also likes photography, writing poems, stories, etc.


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