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Review-E-Mania had game reviews or product reviews till now. Well... Here's the first movie review of our site - The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Review

The Wolf of Wall Street has received the approval of audiences throughout the world . I just recently watched it and was left mesmerized by beauty of it . 

The film does not hold back and is over the top for the most part . The movie has everything -  comedy , drama . Everyone has played their part part brilliantly . Though Matthew McConaughey has a small part in the film , he has done justice to his role . Leonardo Dicaprio is dynamic , unapologetic , in your face and inspirational . Highlights of the film are the speeches that Leonardo's character gives to his brokers . I would not recommend children to see the film as it is, well... A rated . For the rest of you , watch it . It is a masterpiece by Scorsese

Overall Rating : 4 stars

Chaitanya chibber is a 14 year old teen from New Delhi India who likes writing reviews of movies , games , phones as well as restaurants


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