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Earlier this year, the WWE video game license was purchased by 2K after THQ went bankrupt. WWE 2K14 was released on October 29th 2013 in North America, on November 1st in Europe and on October 30th in Japan. 
Here's a review for the game.

WWE 2K14 is certainly a solid, enjoyable offering, but aside from the remarkable story mode, this isn't exactly the evolution the series desperately needs.
Punches and kicks are a tad faster this year, and most reversals now automatically lead into a move, making WWE 2K14 instantly more fun than the "reversal fest" that was WWE 13. The flow of movement is a bit better on the overall.

WE 2K14 also continues the WWE video game online offering, where players can create, upload and share their own custom user generated content with others in the online community. Severs host free custom wrestlers, arenas, storylines, finishers and much more. WWE 2K14 certainly doesn’t want anything, though it can be difficult to navigate the sheer volume of the user-generated-content due to antiquated menu systems.
Despite everything, WWE 2K14 shows signs of life. Under the ownership of 2K Games, here’s hoping it can shed some of its baggage to join the NBA 2K series in leading the way for sports games into the next generation.

There are two major modes within the game which are WWE Universe Mode 4.0 and the 30 Years of WrestleMania. Universe mode puts players in the position of General Manager of the entire WWE as you are given complete control over the rosters of Smackdown and Raw and setting up storylines.
Final Verdict Being that 2K got the license this year and this is their first wrestling game ever, it was a good first effort from the company. WWE 2K14 is a game that is still flawed with its ever awful Menu systems and mindless reversals but a game that has its good parts. 30 Years of WrestleMania mode plays great and with over 40 matches to play, you can play the game for a while and still stay entertained throughout. WWE Universe mode, while sometimes having way too many jobber matches, can still turn into a fantasy wrestling situation where users can create a WWE that will probably be better than current real-life WWE. And as people say every year with the WWE video game, this year is good but hopefully next year will be better.

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