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FIFA 14 is a well talked about and well known Football simulation game by Electronic Arts.  It was released in late September for the PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, XBox 360 and PC in late September. Some people liked the game, Some did'nt. That's not for us to decide. Here's our review for the game. 

Currently, FIFA 14 on the PS4 is the second-highest rated game and the highest-rated sports title on Metacritic. FIFA 14 has not failed to impress, only with the added power of the PS4 or Xbox One. Unfortunately, while FIFA 14 for the new systems does look and play better than its current-gen counterparts, the disparity is slight. And where fans might be looking for a vast improvement, or a game with jaw-dropping visuals, FIFA 14, again, does not completely fit that bill.

There are two fundamental issues with FIFA 14 on current-generation consoles that seem to obscure all other discussion about it. The first is that aerial through-balls can be used to bypass the opposition's midfield with alarming frequency. The second is that the majority of matches feature at least one cheap headed goal. The rest of the game is good fun, if only marginally better than FIFA 13, but that's scant consolation when the other guy gets a free goal in the last minute and it knocks you out of the gold cup.

There were quite good improvements in the game physics. Superb reactive crowd models are seen, ball physics seem even more realistic, improvement in player control makes it a new experience even for veteran players. Not a huge step-up from the current-gen versions, some of the game modes found on Xbox 360 and PS3 are missing, the occasional graphical glitch here or there

As the conclusion, if you're a football fan FIFA 14 is the first must-have game for a new generation. However, f you're not one of those die hard fans of the game, it is recommended to wait for the next release.

About The Author

The Author is Aditya Mehrotra, a 15 year old from New Delhi, India. He is interested in the latest tech. and is an aspiring gamer and reviewer.


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