Best Skiing and Snowboarding Apps for Android

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is bearing down on us in full blast. Winter means snow and snow means snow sports – which, for the most part, can be boiled down to skiing and snowboarding. There’s no denying the adrenaline rush that you get from both sports and there’s nothing that can really compare. Are you excited yet?
If you’re planning on skiing or snowboarding this winter season, there’s more for you to do than simply reading skiing/snowboarding websites and admiring winter sport wallpapers. There are some great Android apps out on the market, both free and paid, that can improve the actual experience of going. Keep reading and don’t miss out!

Ski TrailMaps


Ski TrailMaps is a simple but crucial utility for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. If you love to travel around and try out as many snow trails as you can, this is the app for you. If you’d rather visit the same mountain year after year after year, this app can still prove useful – at least for finding the best trail that meets your preferences.
Ski TrailMaps is a database of over 1000 different snow trails from around the world. I verified that the information is true for all of the snow trails around me and ended up finding a bunch of locations that I wasn’t even aware of. Each trail’s image will show you the different paths down the mountain as well as the difficulty of the path.

Lift Tickets Mobile


Lift Tickets Mobile, also known as Liftopia, is a two-in-one app that provides discount-price lift tickets and ski weather reports. The tickets are purchased off of the Liftopia site and you can save up to 80% off. The weather reports will tell you whether a particular trail is open or closed as well as the condition of the snow (fresh, machine groomed, etc.).
Unfortunately, this app is only useful for people who want to ski/snowboard in the United States. In addition to that, there are a few other downsides.
The app is slow and poorly coded, meaning that some pages can take a while to load. It’s slightly (but only barely) better than visiting the Liftopia site directly through a browser. Plus, the app is supported by an ad banner that can sometimes be obnoxious. However, I suppose that’s the price to pay for a free app.



AlpineReplay is a tracking app for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. If you care about statistics, this app will allow you to track various types of data related to your skiing and snowboarding trips: speed, airtime, distance, calories burned, and more. You’ll need to create an account (or sign in using Facebook) to use this app.
The app is free to use in a limited capacity but you can upgrade to a premium account for $5 per month. The premium account grants trail maps for certain resorts, unlimited video uploads that you can share with friends, leaderboards for competition, and more.

Ski & Snow Report


Ski & Snow Report is a beautiful app that does exactly what its name implies: provides you with all of the crucial information related to ski resorts and snowy weather conditions. You can designate certain resorts as favorites and you will receive instant updates. There are many resorts in the app’s database but its missing some of the lesser known destinations.
This app is actually quite similar to Lift Tickets Mobile except you can’t buy discount-price tickets with this one. The upside is that the interface is 100x prettier, easier to navigate, and doesn’t lag half as much. The weather forecasts are informative and most resorts have trail maps that you can view.
Note: There are a couple of different apps that have similar names to this one so be sure to get the one by Zumobi.

Ski Tracks


This is the only app on this list that doesn’t have a free alternative but at $0.99 it’s cheap enough that it won’t hurt your wallet. Ski Tracks is a tracking app that sits in your pocket all day and passively records all of your skiing/snowboarding activity. In this way, it’s similar to AlpineReplay above.
The best part of Ski Tracks is that it continues to track even when you don’t have cell reception or data connection. It also has a battery monitor that keeps the app as battery friendly as possible. On top of that, the stat tracking is advanced and you have access to trail maps that can be viewed in roadmap/hybrid/satellite/terrain modes.

GasBuddy isn’t directly related to winter sports but it’s a handy tool for those of you who need to travel long distances to reach your favorite skiing/snowboarding spots. The gist of the app is that you enter a particular location and it’ll show you nearby gas stations and the prices at each station.
Fill up at the cheapest locations on the way to and from the trails and you can end up saving a lot of money over the course of a season. GasBuddy stays up to date thanks to user-submitted price reports. By reporting prices, you can earn points which can be redeemed for a chance to win $250 in prepaid gas.
What other Android apps have you used to make your winter sporting season as awesome as can be? Share them with us in the comments!
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