How to find if a user is invisible in Yahoo messenger

Sometimes, some of your friends in Yahoo messenger are online, but in the invisible mode. There is a small trick to find out the truth.

  • Open Yahoo messenger and open the name of the person you want to check of.
  • The chat window will open.
  • Click the IMvironment button, and select see all IMvironments.
  • Select Yahoo tools or interactive fun and select doodle .
  • Now, after opening it, there can be 2 possibilities - 1. That the user is offline and the doodle will show  this - "waiting for your friend to load doodle" continuously.                                                                                               

  • But, if the user is invisible, then you shall get a blank page after a few seconds (it can take upto 1 minute depending upon your connection speed)
  • So that's how you get to know the user is online.


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